How to Manually Resize a Panel


Tips on manually resizing a Panel in cases where the header or footer are not fitting within the screen area as expected.


In rare cases, a Panel may not be sized correctly to fit the contents of the header and footer within the screen area. To work around this issue, the JavaScript shown below can be added to a client-side event to force a panel resize. For example, if panel header or footer is clipped (off screen) when the app is first loaded on a mobile device, the JavaScript below can be added to the onRenderComplete event to force a resize:

var obj = window['{dialog.componentName}_PanelObj'];
if(obj) { obj.resize(); }
if(obj) { obj.refresh(); }

Cases where the panel is not resizing to fit the contents in the window should be reported to Alpha Software. If you've encountered a situation where this is required, report it to us so that we may investigate it further. A reproducible test case is required.