How to Change the Background Image for a Panel Card at Run-time

The background image for a Panel Card can be changed dynamically at run-time.

How to Add Custom Swipe Events to Panels

Adding swipe gestures to mobile applications can create a better user interface experience for users.

How to Dynamically Add Panels to a Panel Navigator

Panels (Panel Cards, Panel Layouts, and child Panel Navigators) can be dynamically added to a Panel Navigator at run-time.

How to Manually Resize a Panel

Tips on manually resizing a Panel in cases where the header or footer are not fitting within the screen area as expected.

How to Render a UX Control with Panels in a div

When a UX component that has Panels is rendered, it consumes the entire window. In certain cases you might want to constrain the UX component to a particular element.

How to Prevent Panel Navigation when Controls are Dirty

In an application with multiple panel cards, navigation to other panel cards can be prevented if the controls on a panel have not been saved.

How to Save and Restore Panel State in a UX Component

The active Panel can be saved and later restored in UX Components.