How to Create a Cordova Shell Application


Creating a Cordova Shell application allows you to test changes quickly without needing to run the Cordova CLI or Ionic Appflow service every time a change is made.


In order to test mobile applications that will be deployed using a store - such as Google Play or Apple's App Store - you must publish your Alpha Anywhere application using Cordova CLI or Ionic Appflow. During application development, it can become a tedious process to republish your Cordova app using Cordova CLI or Ionic Appflow every time you make a change. You can eliminate the need to republish your app by creating a Cordova Shell application.

A Cordova Shell is created using the UX Component. It includes the ability to dynamically load a UX Component, eliminating the need to republish your entire application with every change. In the video below, we explain how to create your own Cordova Shell application.

When building a Cordova Shell, prefer the new PhoneGap-Shell-V2 template. The PhoneGap-Shell-V2 template is an updated version of the PhoneGap-Shell template that includes new features that make it easier to develop and test multiple mobile applications and components using Alpha Anywhere.

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