How to Export a Layout Table Report with Live Forumlas to Excel


When exporting a Layout Table Report to Excel, calculated fields can be configured to export as Excel Formulas, instead of static data.


Layout Table reports can be created in Alpha Anywhere and exported to Excel. When designing a Layout Table Report, calculated fields can be configured to export their values as Excel formulas rather than static values. This is done by defining settings for a field's Excel property.

The Excel property allows you to define a Reference and/or Formula for a field in the Layout Table Report. In order to create an Excel formula, both the Reference fields and the Formula must be defined for fields in the Layout Table Report.

For example, suppose you have a report that displays line items for an order. Each order has a Price, Quantity, and Total. The Price and Quantity are static values while the Total is dynamically calculated by multiplying the Price and Quantity fields together:

price * quantity

To export the Total field as a live Excel formula, an Excel Reference for both the Price and Quantity fields needs to be created as well as an Excel Formula for the Total.

For the Price field, an Excel Reference called "excelPrice" can be defined so it can be referenced in a Formula. Similarly, an Excel Reference can be defined for the Quantity field called "excelQuantity".

Once references are defined for the Price and Quantity fields, an Excel Formula for the Total field can be created:

{@cell:excelPrice} * {@cell:excelQuantity}

In addition to creating live Excel formulas for fields in a Layout Table Report, live formulas for summary values in a Layout Table Report can also be created. For complete step-by-step instructions on how to create live Excel formulas in exported Layout Table Reports, watch the video below:

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