How to Suppress Blank Lines in Layout Table Reports


Learn how blank lines in static HTML elements and empty rows in a Layout Table report can be omitted when the report is generated.

Suppressing Blank Lines in Static HTML

Placing fields in a static HTML filed is a technique often used to display blocks of text, such as an address, in Layout Table reports. If a field is empty, however, this can create blank lines in the static HTML block. The blank lines can be removed by using the {begin:SuppressBlankLines} and {end:SuppressBlankLines} command directives. For example:


For a full explanation of the Suppress Blank Lines directive and details on how to add it to your Layout Table reports, watch this video:

Suppressing Blank Rows

Individual rows in a Layout Table report can be suppressed if they are blank. The Suppress Blank property, when enabled, will omit blank rows from the report if the data in the report row is empty.

The video below demonstrates how to enable the Suppress Blank for rows in a Layout Table report:


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