How to Display a Wait Message While a Large App is Loading


Large apps can take a long time to load the first time the user opens the app. This can give the appearance to your users that the app has hung or is non-responsive. You can resolve this issue by displaying a loading message to the user.


Displaying a wait message or loading message when an app is loading is useful for large applications that take a long time to download from the server the first time the app is opened. This can be done by creating a "stub" component with two panels, one that contains a wait message and another that contains an embedded component that is your main application. Configure the UX such that the panel that contains the wait message is shown when the application is loaded.

Then, add the following code to the onRenderComplete event of the embedded component to change the active panel in the parent UX component (the stub UX) to display the embedded component (your app):

setTimeout(function() {
    var po = {dialog.object}.getParentObject();
    if(po) po.panelSetActive('PANELCARD_2');

For more information on how this is done, watch the video below:

Displaying a Custom Wait Message while a Large Mobile App is Loading in the Background

If you have built a very large mobile App which takes some time to load, you might want to display a custom wait message to the user while the main UX component of your App is loaded in the background.

In this video we show how this can be done using a simple 'startup' UX component.

Download component used in the video