F_UPPER Function


Output_String as C = F_UPPER(C character)



A character string.


Capitalizes the first letter of a string.


F_UPPER() capitalizes the first letter in Input_String. F_UPPER() does not change the case of any other characters. Note : Alpha Anywhere provides a variety of field rules and formatting options for character fields, including options controlling capitalization. Before defining an expression, check whether Alpha Anywhere already provides a formatting option that meets your needs.


? f_upper("the quick brown fox")
= "The quick brown fox"
= "Lemieux", if LASTNAME contains "lemieux"

Suppose you want to create a report using the FIRST, LAST, and MIDDLE fields. However, you want to combine the fields to print the name as "Pamela M. Smith". You can create a calculated field, NAME, using the following expression:

f_upper( trim(FIRST) ) + SPACE(1) + f_upper( substr(MIDDLE, 1, 1) ) + space(1) + f_upper(LAST)

This forces the first letter of each field to uppercase as the fields are concatenated. If you are starting out with a capitalized word, you may want to first use the LOWER()function.

dim thisword as C = "UPPER"
? f_upper( lower(thisword) )
= "Upper"

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