Static functions can be called from an Xbasic script or webpage.

Data Types

Functions to support Strings, Dates, Numbers and Times.

Document Type Functions

Functions and methods to manipulate HTML, RTF, JSON, BSON and Images.

Other Xbasic Functions

Xbasic functions that don't necessarily fit into existing function categories.

Printable Layouts Functions

Functions and methods to render Reports, Letters, Labels and Charts.

SQL Helper Functions

SQL connection helper functions.

Storage Functions

Functions for working with Storage Connections to upload, download, delete, and list files stored on Cloud Storage services such as AmazonS3, Azure, and SharePoint.

System Functions

File system, HTTP ,FTP and operating system functions.

Alpha TransForm Functions

Functions for working with the Alpha TransForm API.

Utility Functions

Miscellaneous utility functions, including USPS lookup, color, GUID functions.

Web Functions

Helper functions for Web Applications, including Security, Publishing and Work Queues.

Xbasic Functions

Xbasic specific functions, Evaluation, Debugging, Xbasic Session management functions.