PADL Function


Formatted_String as C = PADL(C,N length,C pad_string)



A character string.


A positive integer representing the length of the Formatted_String. If Length is less than len(Unformatted_String), then Unformatted_String will be truncated to Length. Numeric


The character string to append to the beginning of Unformatted_String to position it within Formatted_String.


Pads the left side of a string with another string.


PADL() pads a C_string on the left with a Pad_String, and returns a string of the specified Length. If the length of Pad_String + C_string is less than Length, the Pad_String is repeated to fill the remainder of the string. Note : PADL() or PADR() replicates the string specified as Pad_String to create a string of the specified length.


The following expressions replicate a message to create a line for an invoice or receipt:

? padl(" ", 77, "Thank You ! ")
= "Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You !  Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! "
? padl("$" + ltrim( str(200) ), 10, "*")
= ******$200
? padl(str(3,1),8,"0")
= "00000003"

 Note : PADL() is often the best function for zero filling a field.
 dim myfield as C = " 100"
? myfield
= " 100"
? padl(alltrim(myfield), len(myfield), "0")
= "000000100"

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