More Character Functions


Some character functions and a brief description on how to use them.

  1. Create a new A5W page with the following content.

    dim ultext as C = "Four score and seven years ago"
    dim extraspaces as C = " Four score "
    dim allcaps as C = "SEVEN YEARS AGO"
    <meta name="generator" content="Alpha Anywhere HTML Editor">
    <title>More Character Functions</title>
    <h1><font face=Verdana color=#0000ff>Some more useful character functions</font></h1>
    <font face=Verdana size=2>
    ? "ATC()returns the position of 'seven' in " + QUOTE(ultext) + ", which is " + ATC("seven", ultext) + "<p>"
    ? "CHR()returns the character corresponding to a value. For example CHR(66) returns " + CHR(66) + "<p>"
    ? "LEN()returns the length of " + QUOTE(ultext) + ", which is " + LEN(ultext) + "<p>"
    ? "OCCURS()returns the number of times one string occurs in another. For example OCCURS(\"o\", ultext) returns " + OCCURS("o", ultext) + "<p>"
    ? "STRITRAN()replaces characters. For example STRITRAN(ultext, \"o\", \"X\") returns " + STRITRAN(ultext, "o", "X") + "<p>"
    ? "STR()converts a number to a string. For example STR(345.67,5,1) returns " + STR(345.67,5,1) + "<p>"
    ? "SUBSTR()extracts one string from another. For example SUBSTR(ultext,6,5) returns " + SUBSTR(ultext,6,5) + "<p>"
    ? "VAL()converts a string to a number. For example VAL(\"34 cows\") returns " + VAL("34 cows") + "<p>"
    ? "WORD()extracts the Nth word from a string. For example WORD(\"chickens;ducks;geese\",2,\";\") returns " + WORD("chickens;ducks;geese",2,";") + "<p>"
    <p><font face=Verdana>Check out </font> <a href="http://support.alphasoftware.com/alphafivehelp/Xbasic/Character_Functions.htm"><font face=Verdana>Character Functions</font> </a> <font
    face=Verdana> for more information.</font> </p>
    • Note in this example.

    • You can use the escape sequence \" to insert a quotation mark as a character, instead of as a formatting character.

    • You can embed functions within functions,as in QUOTE(UPPER(ultext)).

    • Alpha Anywhere has more than 130 character manipulation functions that can do anything with text.

  2. Click File > Save As to save your page as "More Character Functions".

  3. Click the 'lightning' icon to run the page in Live Preview. The result should look like this.


Example Functions

  • ATC()

    Returns the position of a string within another string.

  • CHR()

    Returns the ASCII character corresponding to an integer.

  • LEN()

    Returns the length of a character string.

  • OCCURS()

    Returns the number of times one string appears in another string.


    Replaces characters in a string.

  • STR()

    Converts a number to a string.

  • SUBSTR()

    Extracts one string from another.

  • VAL()

    Converts a string to a number, where possible.

  • WORD()

    Extracts the Nth word from a string.