ALLTEXT Function


C ALLTEXT([C tablename])



tablename is the same as the table name if only one instance of the table is open. However, if more than one instance of a table is open, the alias is the table name with a numeric suffix.


Returns the text for the entire record for the specified table.


ALLTEXT() returns a character string of all of the field values in the current record in the table specified by Table_Alias. This function is useful if you want to search for a string in a record, without having to know in which field to search. It is also useful in an index expression when you want to build an index on all of the words in a record to perform Lightning Query Optimized searches in the whole record.


alltext("Customer") -> "Alpha Software 168 Middlesex Tpke. BurlingtonMA01803"
keywords( alltext(CUSTOMER) ) ? "01803 168 Alpha BurlingtonMAMiddlesex Software Tpke"
alltext(t.name_get() ) -> returns the data from the record pointed to by the table pointer, "t".

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