MARKED Function


Result_Flag as L = MARKED([C tablename])



Optional. Default = Primary table. The name of the Alpha table.


Returns TRUE if the current record has been marked.


MARKED() returns .T. (TRUE) if the current record in Table_Name is marked; otherwise it returns .F. (FALSE). If no table is specified, this function applies to the primary table.

Assume that you want to run a query containing only those records that are marked and have a balance of more than $2,000. You can enter the following search criteria:

marked().and. (BALANCE > 2000)

If you use the Append utility, you can specify a filter for the Transaction table from which records are retrieved. If you want to append only Transaction records that have not been marked, use the following filter expression:

.not. marked("name")

where name is the name of the table containing the records to be appended.


Because the MARKED() function refers to the currently open table, you should use it only in the context of a open layout.

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