Web Security Functions


A list of web security functions in Alpha Anywhere.

A5WS_Add_Group Function - Adds a security group to the web security system

a5ws_ChangeLoggedInUserPassword Function - Change a logged in user's password. This can only be run from the Application Server

A5WS_CreateSecurityFiles Function - Creates default security files for a web publishing project

A5WS_Delete_Group Function - Deletes a security group from the web security system

A5WS_Delete_User Function - Deletes a user identified by the user value from the web security system.

A5WS_ExportUsers Function - Displays a dialog to export selected web project user records.

A5ws_GetCurrentUser Function - Get the 'UserName (UserId) of the current logged in user.

a5ws_GetGroupsDialog Function - Return a list of security groups defined for the current project. It has no input parameters and should be used in place of the a5ws_Get_Groups in the V11 Dialog component.

A5WS_Get_Groups Function - Returns a list of security groups defined for the current web project

A5WS_Get_Group_Assignments Function - Returns a list of members of a named group.

A5WS_Get_GUID_From_Group Function - Returns the unique ID assigned to a security group in the group table.

A5WS_Get_GUID_From_Ulink Function - Returns a user GUID from a user ulink value.

A5WS_Get_GUID_From_User Function - Returns the unique ID assigned to a user ID

A5WS_Get_LockedOutUsers Function - Returns a CR-LF delimited list of userids currently locked out by the web security.

A5WS_Get_Page_List Function - Retrieves a CR-LF delimited list of pages with security status in a published web project.

A5WS_Get_Security_Ques Function - Retrieves a list of security questions.

A5WS_Get_Ulink_From_GUID Function - Returns a user's 'ulink' value from her unique web security identifier

A5WS_Get_Users Function - Returns a list of the userid values in the user table

A5WS_Get_User_Assignments Function - Returns a list of groups to which a user belongs.

A5WS_Get_User_From_GUID Function - Returns the guid for a userid value in the user table.

A5WS_Get_User_Values Function - Deprecated. Use A5WS_Get_WebUser_Values() instead

A5WS_Get_WebUser_Values Function - Populates control values in a dialog component from fields in the User table

A5WS_ImportUsersDbf Function - Displays a dialog to import selected user records.

A5WS_LockOutUserRelease Function - Releases a locked User Value.

A5WS_LockOutUserSet Function - Locks out a user value for a specified amount of time.

A5WS_LockOutUserStatus Function - Determines the locked out status of a user value

A5WS_Logged_In_User_Values Function - Returns field values from the user table for the current user.

A5WS_Login_User Function - Log in a user using the web security system

A5WS_LogoutUser Function - Removes all login information for the current user from the session.

A5WS_OpenWebSecurity Function - Displays the Web Security dialog

A5WS_PageSecurity Function - Displays the Page Security Assignment dialog

a5ws_randompassword Function - Generate a new random password that meets the current security settings. Will only return a password when running on the Application Server

a5ws_RevalidatePassword Function - Verify the currently logged in user's password ONLY. This can only be run from the Application Server

A5WS_Save_User_Values Function - Deprecated. Use A5WS_Save_WebUser_Values() instead.

A5WS_Save_WebUser_Values Function - Validates and saves dialog values to fields in the Web Security User table.

A5WS_SecurityActive Function - Determine if web security is active

A5WS_SecurityQues Function - Deprecated. Use A5WS_SecurityQuestions()

A5WS_SecurityQuestions Function - Displays the Login Recovery Security Questions dialog.

A5WS_SecuritySettings Function - Displays the Security Settings dialog.

A5WS_User_File_Field_List Function - Retrieve a list of the active fields for the web user table in the current project

A5WS_User_Groups_Dialog Function - Displays the web Users and Groups dialog

A5WS_Validate_WebUser_Values Function - Validates values from controls in a dialog component for fields in the Web Security User table

A5WS_WebUser_Exists Function - Tests whether a user ID exists in the web security system