a5ws_importusers Function


L a5ws_ImportUsers()


Import selected User records from an external table into the current project web security users table

Importing Data into the User Table

The a5ws_ImportUsersDBF() import method does not support import into SQL based security tables. The a5ws_ImportUsers() method, however, does support this feature and will properly add records into SQL security tables. The a5ws_ImportUsers() method can be used to import data into either .dbf security tables or SQL security tables. When importing into .DBF tables security tables, the a5ws_ImportUsers() method is up to twice as fast.

You can also now use the a5ws_ImportUsers() function from the Interactive Window of the Application Server control panel to import users into your security tables on your server. When you use this function from the Interactive Window it will display a list of all web projects that have security and you can select the project into which you wish to import data.