a5ws_refreshpasswordencryptionutility Function


L a5ws_RefreshPasswordEncryptionUtility([L UseLegacy ])



Logical. If the optional parameter 'UseLegacy' is set to True, all passwords will be converted back to the legacy encryption scheme.


Utility to convert encrypted stored passwords to the latest methods. This should only be run once.


All existing passwords in a project or published application can be converted to the new scheme if desired with a the utility function named a5ws_RefreshPasswordEncryptionUtility().

'a5ws_RefreshPasswordEncryptionUtility()' can be run from the development program interactive window or the application server interactive window. When run from the development program, a list of all projects in the workspace that have security will be shown (unless there is only one project). When run on the application server, a list of all applications in the webroot that have security will be shown (unless there is only one application).

The function will convert all previously encrypted passwords in the selected application or project to the new password encryption.

Only Alpha Anywhere builds after release build 2614-4409 can recognize passwords that are encrypted with the new method. If you want to roll back to build prior to 2614, you must first run the utility to convert all passwords back to the legacy encryption used in the earlier builds.

If you change the encryption key or add a new key, all existing passwords will be lost, and will need to be re-entered.