a5ws_ReloadWebSecurity Function


L flag = a5ws_ReloadWebSecurity()



Returns .T. if successful, and .F. if running on IIS, running in Live Preview, or running in Working Preview


Reloads the web security information on the Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server. This function cannot be used with IIS or Alpha Cloud.


When you change the security information for an application (for example, change whether a page requires login, and if so, what groups are authorized) and you republish the application to a remote server, the new security information is not loaded immediately. It is only loaded when the security information cache is cleared (the duration of this cache is set in the Security Settings for the project). For more information on the security cache click here.

The a5ws_ReloadWebSecurity() function will force an immediate reload of the web security settings for the current application on a Classic web server, regardless of the security cache timeout setting. The function must be run on a web page or component running on the web server. It does not reload security on an IIS server. This can be used on a maintenance page to force a reload of security after publish


Alpha Anywhere Classic Application Server Only

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