a5w_analyzeWebAccessLogs Function


C A5W_AnalyzeWebAccessLogs()


Get a list of requests per minute from web access logs. Show as chart or list. Can be run on desktop or web.


The A5W_AnalyzeWebAccessLogs function can be used to analyze web access logs and find the number of requests per minute. This is a useful tool for estimating loads placed on a server. The Enable Server Logging option must be checked in the server configuration on the Logging tab to create the access logs.

The function is context aware and can be run on the desktop or on a web page. The function can output the requests per minute on a chart or in a list showing the requests for each minute. The list option can include a list of all IP addresses that accessed the system and sort the IP addresses by the number of requests.

When run on the desktop, a genie will allow selecting any access log stored on the computer and select the output options. If a list is selected, it can be saved in a file if desired.

To run on a web page, create a page with only this in the source HTML:

    ? A5W_AnalyzeWebAccessLogs()

The function will create the complete page HTML code. A dropdown control on the page allows selecting any of the last 50 logs created by the app server running the page. The web page can create the same chart or list as the desktop genie. The desired output is displayed on the page.

An example of the output generated by this function is shown below: