INET::Socket Methods


Available INET::Socket Methods for working with web sockets.


Accept Method

Accept a new connection (the socket must already be listening). Returns a status object with information about the success of the call If the call is successful, AcceptedSocket contains the new instance of INET::Socket. HandshakeReadTimeout is appropriate for SSL sockets only.

Close Method

The INET::Socket::Close() method closes an open connection.

Connect Method

The INET::Socket::Connect() method opens a connection to the requested host and port. Note: ConnectTimeout is in milliseconds.

GetOptions Method

The INET::Socket::GetOptions() method gets one or more option values in a single call.

Listen Method

The INET::Socket::Listen() method opens a socket to listen for incoming requests.

Peek Method

The INET::Socket::Peek() method reads received characters from into a string. Peek()does not remove the characters from the receive buffer.

Query_TCP Method

The INET::Socket::Query_TCP() method returns .T. if the TCP connection described by the arguments matches an active connection.

Read Method

The INET::Socket::Read() method reads characters from socket into string.

ReadBinary Method

The INET::Socket::ReadBinary() method reads bytes from socket into a blob variable.

ReadLine Method

The INET::Socket::ReadLine() method reads a line from the receive buffer. A line is terminated by a carriage-return and a line feed. If nothing is available, the method returns an empty string.

ReadUntil Method

The INET::Socket::ReadUntil() method reads from the input stream until the delimiter is encountered or a timeout occurs. If the function returns FALSE, there may still be data in the returned buffer. This means that the read timed-out before receiving the delimiter. If ReturnDelimiter is true, the delimiter is returned with the string.

SendFile Method

The INET::Socket::SendFile() method sends the specified file.

SetOptions Method

The INET::Socket::SetOptions() method sets one or more options in a single call.

Write Method

The INET::Socket::Write() method writes character data.

WriteBinary Method

The INET::Socket::WriteBinary() method writes blob data.