MathUtil::Decimal Class


When doing numeric calculations with Xbasic there can sometimes be a loss of precision because internally Xbasic uses floating point numbers. The MathUtil::Decimal class can be used for high precision calculations. When using this class, all input numbers and output results are variables of type character (not number).

For example:


? MathUtil::Decimal::Add("1.20","2.30")
= "3.50"
? MathUtil::Decimal::Subtract("1.20","2.30")
= "-1.10"
? MathUtil::Decimal::Multiply("1.20","2.30")
= "2.7600"

? MathUtil::Decimal::Divide("1.20","2.30")
= "0.5217391304347826086956521739"

? MathUtil::Decimal::Compare("1.20","2.30")
= -1


Add Method

Adds two numbers (defined as character strings) together.

Ceiling Method

Computes the ceiling of the value.

Compare Method

Compares two values. Returns 0 if they are equal, 1 if the second value is greater, -1 if the first value is greater.

Divide Method

Divides two specified values.

Floor Method

Rounds a specified number to the closest integer toward negative infinity.

Multiply Method

Multiplies two values together.

Negate Method

Negates the value.

Remainder Method

Computes the remainder after dividing two values.

Round Method

Rounds the value to the nearest integer or specified number of decimal places.

Subtract Method

Subtracts one value from another.

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