Xdialog_Play Function



Xdialog_Play( Name as C )



The name of saved settings in the Xdialog Genie.


The Xdialog_Play() function displays a XDialog box that was previously defined using the Xdialog Genie.


When you use the Xdialog Genie to design an Xdialog box, you have the option saving the settings that you define in the Genie. These settings are saved in the current database's dictionary (i.e. the databasename.alb file). The last step when using the Xdialog Genie is to insert the dialog box that you have just defined into the script that you are currently editing. You can either insert the Xbasic code for the dialog box into the script, or you can insert a reference to the saved Xdialog settings into the code.

The Insert Xdialog_Play() Function into code option is only available if you have previously clicked on the "Save" button to save your Xdialog settings.

For example, say you defined an Xdialog box using the Genie, then saved the settings under the name "Prompt_for_date". The Xbasic code corresponding to this dialog box might be:


If you choose to insert the code for the dialog box into your script, then the above code will be inserted into your script. However, if you choose to insert the XDialog_Play() function into your script, then the following line of Xbasic will be inserted into your script:

DIM SHARED date as D
DIM SHARED varC_result as C
ok_button_label = "&OK"
cancel_button_label = "&Cancel"
varC_result = ui_dlg_box("",<<%dlg%
Print report for which date?:| .40date;
<15=ok_button_label> <15=cancel_button_label>


Desktop applications only.