Automating Your Alpha Anywhere Applications


Alpha Anywhere's programming language is called Xbasic. Xbasic allows you to build powerful, highly customized database applications. Xbasic is an extremely rich language with hundreds of methods and functions.

Testament to the power of the Xbasic language is the fact that many of Alpha Anywhere's features are themselves written in Xbasic (and Xdialog, which is an extension of Xbasic). Xdialog is covered in the Learning Xdialog book.

For users who would like to automate, and customize different aspects of their application without having to program in Xbasic, Action Scripting provides an easy to use "font end" to Xbasic. Action Scripting is a graphical method for creating Xbasic scripts. Action Scripting is also an excellent way to learn Xbasic, because for each Action Script that you create, you can examine the underlying Xbasic code. Action Scripting is covered in the Introduction to Action Scripting book.