Deprecated and Obsolete Features introduced in Alpha Anywhere 4.4.0


Session Folders are now obsolete in Alpha Anywhere 4.4.0. If you have not already moved away from using session folders, read this article to learn what you need to do to update your applications.


The Alpha Anywhere Application Server now uses A5Storage for session files. A5Storage allows for much greater flexibility in storing session data on local disk, network attached storage, Amazon S3, and Azure. This means that the physical folders previously located in a directory named session_folders within the webroot are no longer used in any way and will not be created by the server.

Direct access to these folders has never been supported by Alpha Software, and the Session.Session_Folder and Session.Session_URL properties were deprecated in version 11 and removed in version 12 (Alpha Anywhere). With this update, ServerSetting.SessionFolders has also been removed.

However, some developers may have written custom code to directly access these folders. Any existing code of this type will no longer function as expected and will need to be updated or replaced accordingly.

See Storing Files in Sessions for more information on working with files in Sessions.