Troubleshooting & FAQ


Find solutions to frequently asked questions, tips for troubleshooting issues, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of frequently asked questions

Component Help Topics

Troubleshooting issues with Components, including issues with controls in components.

Reports Help Topics

Troubleshooting Issues with Reports.

Application Server Help Topics

Troubleshooting topics for the Application Server.

Debugging Node.js Errors

If a node service fails, you may receive a JSON object with the message "node stopped working" from your Node service. This error indicates that the Node.js server has crashed. You can debug these errors using Helper functions designed for diagnosing Node failures.

Installing an Alpha Anywhere Hotfix

Instructions for installing a hotfix.

Troubleshooting Databases

Information on commonly encountered issues when working with databases in Alpha Anywhere applications.


Tips for debugging installations and applications built with Alpha Anywhere.

Troubleshooting Installation

Tips on resolving installer issues.

Startup Log

When Alpha Anywhere starts up, a log can be created used to troubleshoot startup and workspace loading issues. If technical support is required from Alpha Software, the technician may request this file.

Stripe API returns Cannot find module 'stripe'

Manually fix stripe module not getting installed.

Upgrade Topics for Porting Older Applications to Alpha Anywhere

Changes were made to the Alpha Anywhere framework that affect some legacy applications. These articles list important changes made that change how applications are developed with Alpha Anywhere.

Fix window opening off screen

When a dialog is drawn off screen, the user can move it back onto the viewable area as follows.