Deprecated and Obsolete Features introduced in Alpha Anywhere


Alpha Anywhere deprecated manipulating argument values on the client, as well as the Xbasic saveAs() method for Forms and Browses. Support for generating PDFs using the Amyuni Printer drivers has also been removed.

PDF Generation using Amyuni Printer Drivers Removed

See Generating Reports with "Direct to PDF" for more information about how PDFs are now generated.

Argument Client-side Manipulation Removed

The {dialog.object}.setArgumentValue() has been deprecated in Alpha Anywhere This method previously allowed you to change the value in an argument using client-side code. With the release of Alpha Anywhere, an argument's value can only be changed with sever-side code (Xbasic).

This change was made to close a security vulnerability. Argument values are still stored in the {dialog.object}.stateInfo object, but the values are encrypted.

To change a value in an argument using server-side code, you must make an Ajax Callback. In the Xbasic function that handles the callback, you can add this code to set the argument value:


where argument_name is the name of the argument to update and argument_value is the value to store in the argument. For example:

function setCustomerArgument as c (e as p)

    ' Set the "Customer" argument to the value in the customer
    ' control on the UX:
    dim currentCustomer as C = e.dataSubmitted.customer
    e.arguments.set("Customer", currentCustomer)

    return ""

end function

saveAs() Method Deprecated for Forms and Browses

The form.saveAs() and browse.saveAs() methods are deprecated. If you want to print a browse or form layout, you must create a report and then import the form or browse as as new report. You can then use report.saveAs() method to print the report.