Update UX Components


The bulk operations 'Recalculate UX components' and 'Turn Pre-render option on for UX Components' have been replaced with a new single genie for updating UX components. It is listed in the Web Control Panel menu option Edit -> Bulk Operation as 'Update UX components'


The Update UX Components genie has options to filter the list of components by filtering by the 'pre-render' property, the file save type (binary or JSON), and if the component was last saved in an older build. This can make selecting the components to update easier. The update options include the original recalculate option and a new option to recalculate all controls as part of the update. Selected components can be changed to pre-render or have the pre-render option removed. The component save format (binary or JSON) can be changed at the same time. The genie includes help to explain the various options.

Some update options will automatically change the filters to show appropriate components. For example, if you select to change components to 'pre-render', only components that are not already pre-rendered will be shown.