Countdown Timer


Used to schedule a notification after a specified amount of time has passed (e.g. 10 minutes).

A Countdown Timer lets you schedule a notification when a specified amount of time has passed. The timer itself does not set the value of any field nor initiate any other change to the form data. Countdown Timers are used, for example, when a user needs to capture data over a predetermined amount of time (such as counting how many items are produced by a process in a certain period) or to facilitate moving from one process to another (such as limiting form filling to a certain number of minutes).

When a Countdown Timer is active, a small light-green overlay will appear over the app in the upper part of the right side of the screen. The time remaining will be displayed and updated every second. Optional text associated with the Countdown Timer will be shown above the time. This Countdown Overlay will appear over most screens of the app, including when viewing other forms and when showing editors.

When a Countdown Timer expires (that is, counts down past zero), the overlay will change color to red for a few seconds and then be hidden. In addition, to further notify the user, an optional sound will be emitted and/or the device vibrated, as determined by the form designer.

More than one Countdown Timer may be active at the same time. The overlay will show information about the one with the shortest time until it expires. When it expires, the next shortest, if any, will be displayed. Countdown Timers may be distinguished from each other by the optional text as determined by the form designer.

Starting a Countdown Timer

Countdown Timers are started by tapping a button that appears either on the form details screen or a Countdown Timer Editor.

Stopping a Countdown Timer

If the Countdown Overlay is tapped a popup will be displayed that allows you to clear the current Countdown Timer (stop it from running and remove it from the list of active Countdown Timers). Tap the Clear button to clear the timer or tap Cancel to resume the timing.

Time Now fields with Countdown Timer buttons

Time Now fields may optionally include a Countdown Timer button. In that case, tapping the button will set the value of the field to the current time and then start the Countdown Timer.