Alpha TransForm Form Filler


The Alpha TransForm form filler is an application used to fill out forms created using TransForm Central. The form filler is available as both a mobile application and web app.

The Alpha TransForm Filler app lets you create, fill out, and upload forms for Alpha TransForm. You must have an Alpha TransForm login and be a member of an active TransForm account in order to use the filler application.

The mobile form filler application can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store for free. The web filler can be accessed at To access the Web Filler, you need to create a new Permission Role called "browseruser" and add the role to users in the TransForm account you would like to give access to the Web Filler.

Login Screen

Authenticating the user.

Forms List

The list of form instances to edit or view.

Form Types

The list of the types of forms you may add.

Downloading, Refreshing, and Uploading

Synchronizing form data and form type definitions with the server.

Main Control Bar

Confirm login, logout, Help, and more.

Search, Sort, Filter

Control over the display of the lists of forms and form types.

Form Details

Viewing and editing the fields in the form selected in the Forms List.

Form Editors

Screens for entering different types of data.

Form Table of Contents

Navigating quickly through a long form.

Form Details Menu

Commands specific to a form such as "List Problems".


Information, such as the current user name and when login will expire.

TransForm System Message

Contents of the current System Message, if any, such as about planned server maintenance.

Multiple Screen Size Support

Choosing alternative determinations of the size class of the screen for displaying forms.

Multi-language Support

Choosing alternative languages for form text.

Tools for Support

Tools that should only be used when instructed by Technical Support.

Alpha TransForm Mobile Filler Versions

A list of changes in each new version of the Alpha TransForm form filler mobile app.

Web Filler Limitations

Some features are unavailable or may not behave as expected in v1 of the Web Filler. This includes:

  • Access to On-device Data: on-device data cannot be downloaded to the browser and is unavailable. You can access images, however, if hosted on an external server. See Adding a cloudpath Policy to display assets in the Web Filler to learn more.
  • Audio and Video Recording: recording audio and video is not available.
  • Barcode Scanning: barcode scanning is not available. Barcode values must be entered manually.
  • GPS functions: values returned by the browser depend on the computer's IP address, which may not return the user's actual location.
  • ajaxGET() function: calls using this function may fail in the browser filler. Use ajaxSendRequest() or ajaxSendRequestFromServer(). See Calling Web Services in TransForm Forms from the Web Filler for more information about using ajaxSendRequestFromServer().
  • On-device Data TPL Functions are unavailable: this includes phoneGapTFExecuteSQL(), inappbrowser(), and fileviewer().
  • phonecall() TPL function: calls may only be made from the web filler in browsers that have been configured to use a specific application to make phone calls and support opening an app to make the call.

These features and more will be added in future versions of the Web Filler.

Mobile or Web? Determining which filler app is in use using TPL

The $environment system variable contains properties you can use to determine which filler app is running. If your forms use TPL code to access on-device data, you'll want to take advantage of these variables to adapt your forms for use in the web filler:

TPL Variable

Has a value of 1 when running in the web filler.


If running in the web filler, the portion of the URL after the domain name.


Has a value of 1 when running in the mobile filler.