Other Settings


Other settings includes tools for testing connection strings, migrating Users and groups to the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS, and configuring HTTP Publish.

Other settings tab
Open the Users and Groups Migration Genie

Use this genie to migrate users and groups fom an Alpha Anywhere application to an Alpha Anywhere for IIS application

Open the Connection String Builder Genie

Use this genie to create a connection string that will connect from this server to the desired database.

HTTP Publish

Settings for enabling and configuring HTTP publish.

Allow HTTP Publish?

Check to enable HTTP Publishing. You must save your changes after enabling HTTP Publish before you can configure publish permissions.

HTTP Data Folder

Specify a folder where the HTTP publishing configuration is stored. Leave blank to store the HTTP publish data in the same folder as the Server Configuration XML file.

Set HTTP Publish Permissions

Configure the user credentials and permissions for HTTP publishing.

HTTP Publish is restricted and requires a user name and password for authorization. Use Set HTTP Publish Permissions to configure credentials for users to allow publishing to the server.

A publish folder must be specified for each user profile. Selecting <webroot> will allow publishing to the server webroot and any folder under the webroot.

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