Controlling the Printer and Output Filename


Alpha Anywhere allows you to override the printer specified in the layout definition. In the layout definition, you can specify an explicit printer name, or the default printer.

If you specify the default printer, Alpha Anywhere will use whatever printer the user has set as his or her default printer at the Windows Control Panel. You may have designed a report that needs to be printed on some special printer (other than the default printer). For example, you may have designed mailing labels that need to be printed on a dot matrix printer. Each user of your application may have a different dot matrix printer attached to their computer, which is not set as their default printer. You therefore cannot hard-code the printer name in the report layout, nor can you specify the default printer in the report layout. In this case, it is useful to be able to use Xbasic to set the printer. In addition, Alpha Anywhere also allows you to specify the filename to be use for print to file operations.

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