Implementing Security in Desktop Applications


To prevent unauthorized access to your desktop application, you can put passwords on the application's buttons and layouts. Button passwords prevent the button's action from occurring until the correct password is entered. Layout passwords prevent the layout from being edited until the correct password is entered.

Assigning a Password to a Button 

To assign a password to a button:

  1. Open a form in Design Mode.

  2. Right-click on a button and select Properties... .

  3. Click the Setup tab on the Button Properties dialog box, and then click the Enable Password check box.

  4. Click the Set Password button.

  5. Alpha Anywhere will then prompt you to enter a password for the button. The maximum length of the password is 8 characters.

Assigning a Password to a Layout 

To assign a password to a layout :

  1. Open a layout in Design Mode.

  2. Select File > Save.

  3. Click the Password button on the Save As dialog box.

  4. Alpha Anywhere prompts for a password. Enter a password and click OK.

  5. Alpha prompts you to enter the password again. Do so and click OK.

  6. Save the layout using the same name.

  7. The layout is now password protected and can't be edited without the password.


Desktop Applications Only