Securing Your Database in Desktop Applications


Alpha Anywhere provides numerous ways for you to protect your desktop application design and the data in your database.

A good starting point when deciding what security measures to implement is to look at the Startup Event Sequence.

Protecting Your Desktop Application Design 

The best way to protect your application design is to:

  • Compile your scripts and functions into a binary .AEX file. This makes it impossible for someone to see their source code.

Controlling Access to Data 

There are several ways to control access to the data in your database.

  • Require a master password to open the database

  • Create a list of authorized users with individual passwords

  • Create one or more groups of users

  • Assign privileges to application objects (tables, forms, etc.) to groups

  • Encrypt passwords and limit the number of login attempts

  • Run a script when Alpha Anywhere opens a database

  • Hide the Control Panel to prevent access to developer tools

  • Customize the menus and toolbars that appear to control access to tables, tools, and layouts

  • Encrypt tables to prevent them from being read by other programs

  • Password protect layouts (forms, browses, reports, etc.)

  • Run a script when Alpha Anywhere closes a database

  • Run a script after Alpha Anywhere closes a database


Desktop Applications Only

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