Editing System Menus


You can customize several system menus in Alpha Anywhere. Customizing a system menu is different than defining a custom menu for a form or browse. When you define a custom menu for a form or a browse, just that form or browse uses the customized menu. However, when you customize a system menu, then all forms and browses (including those for which custom menus have not been defined) will use the customized system menu in place of the built-in system menus. To customize the default system menu:

  1. Open the database Control Panel and display the Code tab.

  2. Right-click in the white space (with no icons selected) in the Code tab window, and select Customize System Menus/Toolbars > Customize System Menus. The Edit System Menus dialog appears.

  3. Select the System Menu that you want to customize, and then click the Edit Menu button. The Menu Maker appears.

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