Find by Form


The Find by Form dialog box is available on forms only, and lets you type search criteria directly into the same form you are viewing. Find by Form does not filter out records that do not meet your search criteria, or put records in order. It simply displays the next or previous matching record.Find by Form opens a blank record for you to enter search criteria. For example, if you are looking for a record for a person with the last name " Jenkins ," type " Jenkins " in the LASTNAME field.To use Find by Form :

  1. With a form open, select Find > Find-by-Form.

  2. Optionally, click Clear Criteria to remove find criteria from the form.

  3. Type search values into one or more fields in the empty form. If you fill multiple fields, a record must meet every condition to be a match.

  4. Click the Run Find button on the toolbar. If matches are found, the first match will display in the form.

  5. Click Find > Find Previous Record or Find > Find Previous Record to view the other matching records.

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