Placing a Control on a Form


For specific instructions, refer to:

Grid Settings

The Form Editor has a grid that can help you position objects. After opening the Form Editor, click Form > Grid to display the Grid dialog. In this dialog you can set:

  • Grid spacing

  • Whether the grid is visible or hidden

  • Whether objects should snap to the grid

Using the Object Menu

You can place a control on a form by selecting it from the menu.

  1. Select Object > New... to display the New Object dialog box

  2. Select the appropriate control from the list and click OK.

  3. Depending on the type of object, various menus will appear. Enter the appropriate values and click OK.

  4. The new object will appear as a small rectangle in the upper left corner of the form. Select it and drag it to its new location.

  5. Select a side or corner of the object's bounding rectangle and stretch it to its appropriate size.

Cloning an Object on the Form

You can clone a text object (or any other object):

  1. Hold down CTRL.

  2. Select the object you want to clone and drag it to a new location

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