Sales_People Form


The Sales_People form illustrates how you can have a Windows Bitmap (.BMP) or JPEG (.JPG) image field in a table, just as you would have a text or numeric field.

Putting an Image Field on a Form

The IMAGE field is a JPEG Image File Reference. It displays the contents of a JPEG (.JPG) image from the salespeople table. To create a similar field on a form, follow these steps:

  1. Open a table with a JPEG Image File Reference field.

  2. Display the form in the Form Editor.

  3. Display the DragDrop List for the form by clicking the appropriate button on the toolbar.

  4. Drag the image field onto the form.

  5. Re-dimension the control as appropriate.

Editing an Image Field on a Form

The operator can perform various insert, copy and delete operations after right-clicking on the image control.

  1. Import (paste) a JPEG image from a file

  2. Export (copy) the image to a file

  3. Delete the image

Paste a JPEG image on the clipboard

  1. Copy the image to the clipboard

The designer can also create a BMP Image File Reference field for .BMP (Windows Bitmap) images.