The Customer Information Form


The Customer Information form provides the user with a way to add, edit, and delete customer records. The form demonstrates the following controls and techniques.

Form events describes code that runs when you open or attempt to close this form.

Filtering a Browse with a Combo Box Selection shows how to select a field in the base table and sort all records on that field.

Configuring an Embedded Browse shows how to select a record in the base table by identifying a value in the selected field.

Creating and Using an Email Smart Field shows how to enter or change an email address or generate an email message from a single control.

Creating a Button that Calls an Action Script illustrates a button with a text label that calls an Action Script.

Creating a Button with a Bitmap shows how to create a button with a graphic.

Creating a Button that Calls an Xbasic Script illustrates a button that calls an Xbasic script.

Creating and Using a Multi-state Button shows how to narrow the record selection by specifying a letter that must begin the value in the selected field.