The Window Bar


An optional Window Bar appears at the bottom of the Alpha Anywhere screen.


The Window Bar has a button for each open window, and lets you quickly navigate between windows. Click on any button in the Window Bar to make its corresponding window active. Right-click on any Window Bar button to list options for the window.

Temporarily Hiding the Window Bar

  1. Select View > Window Bar.

  2. Or click View > Settings > System > Preferences > Window Bar and select "No".

Permanently Hiding the Window Bar

  1. Assuming that the Alpha Anywhere system menu is not available to the user.

  2. Select File > Database Properties.

  3. Check Hide Window Bar Toolbar.

Alpha Anywhere also lets you control the Window Bar through Xbasic using the A5_WINDOWBAR_IS_OPEN(), A5_WINDOWBAR_CLOSE(), and A5_WINDOWBAR_SHOW()commands.

Controlling Windows

You can also right-click on a button in the Window Bar to activate, minimize, maximize, or restore that window. You can also close all open windows, with the exception of the Control Panel.

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