Label Properties


A list of various properties and descriptions of their purpose.

Backdrop Properties 

  • Color 

    The color of the form's background.

    :formname.fill.forecolor as C
  • Use Bitmap 

    When checked, allows a bitmap image to be used as the form's background.

    :formname.use_bitmap as L
  • Display Mode 

    If Bitmap is checked, sets the way the bitmap is displayed: "Absolute" (actual size), "Stretch" (fill the background, with potentially unequal scaling in horizontal and vertical dimensions), or "Best Fit" (largest size without distortion of the image). as C
  • Embedded 

    The name of the embedded image.

  • File 

    The name of a bitmap image file to use as a background.

    :formname.bitmap.filename as C
  • Library 

    The name of the library image.

    :formname.bitmap.library as C
  • images/UG_Label_Properties_Backdrop.gif

Label Properties 

Page Properties 

  • Left, Right 

    Sets the left and right margins of the label.

  • Top, Bottom 

    Sets the top and bottom margins of the label.

  • Page Layout 

    Defines the orientation of the page. The options are "Portrait" and "Landscape".

  • Size 

    One of the standard paper sizes, "Default", or "Custom". The selection of "Default" uses the dimensions defined for the label.

  • If data does not fit 

    Indicates how to handle data that does not fit on a page. The options are: "Trim (do not print) overflow data", "Shrink data to fit on page", "Print overflow data on additional pages", and "Prompt at print time".


Printer Properties 

  • Printer 

    Indicates which printer to use. The options are: "Use Default Printer", and the printers listed under the Specify Printer list.

  • Paper bin 

    The paper sources defined for the selected printer.

  • Saved Properties 

    Enables the Properties button. The Properties button displays the standard Windows configuration dialog for the selected printer.

  • Print setup dialog 

    Indicates whether to display the Windows configuration dialog for the selected printer before the letter(s) print.

  • Print to file 

    Not used.


Record Properties 

  • Order Expression 

    An expression that orders selected records.

    :formname.topparent:tables:tablename.order_expression as C
  • Ascending / Descending 

    Indicates whether to accept the order expression as written (Ascending) or to invert it (Descending).

  • Filter Expression 

    An expression that selects records from the table or set.

    :formname.topparent:tables:tablename.filter_expression as C
  • Select 

    Provides an additional level of filtering. The options are: "All", "Marked" (records), and "Unmarked" (records).

  • Addition Record Order and Filter criteria 

    Provides an additional level of filtering and ordering. The options are "None", "Base report on current selection of records", and "Prompt for criteria at run time".

  • Use filter/order from Query 

    The Use filter/order from Query button displays a dialog that allows the operator to select an existing query. The filter and order expressions from the query overwrite the Order Expression and Filter Expression fields.


Menu/Toolbar Properties 

  • View Menu 

    The standard menu to display.

    :formname.drop_down_menu as C
  • View Toolbar 

    The standard toolbar to display.

    :formname.toolbar as C
  • images/UG_Label_Properties_Menus.gif

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