Conditional Control Properties


Describes setup properties and dimension properties

Setup Properties

  • Object Name

    The name of the control. as C
  • Condition

    The expressions that determines when the conditional pages are visible.

    :formname.controlname.conditional.sheet.condition_expression as C
  • Label

    The names of the conditional pages.

    :formname.controlname.conditional.sheet.text as C
  • Shrinkable

    Determines whether the control can shrink for printing purposes. Note: Objects placed in page headers or footers cannot shrink because the size of the page header or footer has to be the same for every page on the report.

    :formname.controlname.object.shrinkable as L

Dimension Properties

  • Left

    Sets the horizontal position of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.left as N
  • Top

    Sets the vertical position of the control. as N
  • Width

    Sets the width of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.width as N
  • Height

    Sets the height of the control.

    :formname.controlname.object.height as N
  • Anchor

    Determines the way the tabbed control will or will not stretch as the base form is resized.

    :formname.controlname.object.anchor as N
    • Possible attachment points are:

    • 1 = top and right

    • 2 = top, left, and right

    • 4 = bottom and left

    • 5 = bottom and right

    • 6 = bottom, left, and right

    • 8 = top, bottom, and left

    • 9 = top, bottom, and right

    • 10 = top, bottom, left, and right