HtmlHost Xdialog command


Similar to conditional expressions, enable/disable and show/hide expressions , a5:style allows the style of an htmlhost tag to be a calculated value.

In this example, which is an adaptation of the first example, we cause changes to the color that is selected from the color list to be used as the background color for the last column in the HTML table. Also, a checkbox has been added to toggle the visibility of the firstname and lastname embedded controls. You can nest them if you wish, that is an {htmlhost} control can host Xdialog controls which may in turn host {html} controls, but this is not necessary, as the {htmlhost} control has plenty of flexibility. The {html} control differs from the {htmlIE} control in that the {html} control uses Alpha's built-in HTML rendering engine while the {htmlIE} control uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer rendering engine. The {htmlhost} control uses Alpha's built-in HTML rendering engine, just like the {html} control.

You can create a Learning Xdialog code library from the Learning Xdialog sample in Alpha Anywhere by dropping down the selector in the Code Library window (visible whenever you have the focus on a Code Editor or Interactive window) and picking <Create 'Learning Xdialog' Library>

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