Image Controls


To place an image on dialog, use the {Image} command. The syntax for the command is:


Imagename can be a built-in Alpha Anywhere bitmap, or a bitmap that you have added to the current database (on the Code tab of the Control Panel). In this example, we display the Windows error icon in a text box.

{image=$sys_error}  An error has occurred! ;

This script produces this dialog:

To see a list of all built-in Alpha Anywhere bitmaps, use the A5.BITMAP_ENUM(flag) method. Flag = "" returns the bitmaps defined in the current database, flag = 512 returns the bitmaps used by Alpha Anywhere's toolbars and menus, flag = 1024 returns the system bitmaps. Alternatively, use the Code > Insert Image Name command in the Code Editor.


Desktop applications only.

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