Action buttons


Define Buttons that can be placed in free-form edit regions and in the Grid and Detail View toolbar.


Action Buttons can be placed in the Grid or Detail View toolbars or any free-form edit region that surround the Search, Grid, or Detail View parts. You can create event handlers for Action Buttons using Action Javascript or custom JavaScript code.

Action Buttons are often used to add buttons to the toolbar to perform an action for the selected row, on all records in the Grid component, or open another component.


Action Buttons in Grid Components

The Action Button feature allows you to add action buttons to the following parts of a Grid Component: Grid toolbar, Detail View toolbar, any of the free-form areas around the Grid, Detail View, or Search part, the Master Template, and inside the Detail View layout. The following videos demonstrate how this is done.

Exporting Checked Records to Excel

The checkbox selector column enables you to add a checkbox to each record in a Grid component, which can be used to filter search results or specify specific rows to export to excel. In this video, we demonstrate how to export an arbitrary number of rows selected by the user to an Excel file using Action Buttons and Action Javascript.

Programmatically Clicking an Action Button

Acton Buttons can be triggered programmatically using JavaScript. Watch this video to learn how.

Enabling or Hiding an Action Button if No Records in Current Query

Learn how to enable or hide an Action Button when there are no records in the current Grid query.