The Redis Publish Subscribe Pattern


An example of how to implement Redis Publish and Subscribe in Xbasic.


Redis has a feature called 'channels' that are used to send messages.

A channel is named by the user, and can be have a listener attached by using the Redis SUBSCRIBE command.

Many clients can listen on the same 'channel', and get the same messages, which makes it good for implementing distributed messaging systems like message boards.

First we should create a script to listen on a SUBSCRIBED channel. To accomplish this we create a named Listener using CreateListener on the SUBSCRIBE command on a channel called mynotify. You can use any name you want for the channel, like key values accessed through Set and Get, channels are accessed through PUBLISH and SUBSCRIBE

In out example script, we create an XDialog to display the last 'message' received on the channel. The background thread we create blocks on reading 'messages', exits the loop when a message of 'quit' is received, and closes the xdialog .

dim redis as extension::RedisClient = extension::RedisClient::CreateClient()
redis.CreateListener("myNotify","SUBSCRIBE mynotify")
dim note as c 

{title=Get Notifications}
Notice: [%M%.100,20note];
if a_dlg_button = "quit" then
	a_dlg_button = ""
else if word(a_dlg_button,1,":") = "note" then
    note = substr(a_dlg_button,6)
	a_dlg_button = ""
end if

dim redis as extension::RedisClient = extension::RedisClient::CreateClient()
dim srv as extension::Listener 
srv = extension::Listener::Get("myNotify")
while .not. srv.Closed() 
	dim event as extension::ListenerEvent 
	event = srv.Read()
	if = "quit" then
		exit while
	end if
end while

Testing the Subscriber by Publishing

To test our Listener, run the above script, then open the Interactive window, create a Redis client object, and call the Publish method with a couple messages. You will notice that the message will show up in the dialog, and since we wrote code to close the listener and the XDialog when a 'quit' message is received, that sending quit will do just that.

dim redis as extension::RedisClient = extension::RedisClient::CreateClient()
redis.Publish("mynotify","Hello World")

redis.Publish("mynotify","Goodbye World")


Testing Multiple Instances

If you want to see a demonstration of how the message is broadcast to all clients, open several instances of Alpha Anywhere and run the Listener script, then play the commands. All the launched dialogs should show the latest message, and close when the 'quit' command is done.