helper::JSONsql::Process Class



String action property


String tablename property


column property


columnSort property


columnExact property


columnRange property


String PostProcessWhere property


String PostProcessOrder property


tableInfo property


String postProcessOption property


AddcolumnExact Method

Add a columnExact.

AddcolumnRange Method

Add a columnRange.

AddcolumnSort Method

Add a columnSort.

ColumnAsJson Method

Return columns as JSON.

ColumnAsJsonArray Method

Generate a JSON array from data + supplied table info.

ColumnWhereAsJson Method

Return exact columns as JSON.

Deletecolumn Method

Delete a column.

DeletecolumnExact Method

Delete a columnExact.

DeletecolumnRange Method

Delete a columnRange.

DeletecolumnSort Method

Delete a columnSort.

GenerateError Method

Creates a SQL::CallResult object with an error.

GetColumn Method

Get column - if missing return default.

GetColumnExact Method

Get column match - if missing return default.

GetColumnRange Method

Get column range - returns empty range if none found.

Insertcolumn Method

Insert a new column.

InsertcolumnExact Method

Insert a new columnExact.

InsertcolumnRange Method

Insert a new columnRange.

InsertcolumnSort Method

Insert a new columnSort.

JsonToResultSet Method

Produce a resultset , included whatever postprocessing is required.

LoadSQLClient Method

Load namespace class with methods and load models as classes.

Movecolumn Method

Move a block of column items.

MovecolumnExact Method

Move a block of columnExact items.

MovecolumnRange Method

Move a block of columnRange items.

MovecolumnSort Method

Move a block of columnSort items.

ParseStatement Method

Parse a SQL statement into the JSONSqlProcess object.

SchemaFromJson Method

Build a SQL schema object from JSON.

SchemaFromText Method

Build a SQL schema object from a text definition.

ValidateColumns Method

Return non-empty string error if columns don't match supplied tableInfo (name and type).

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