A5.ListBoxgetData Method





The index or value of the row of data to get. See A5.ListBox.getIndex.



The data for the row(s) in the list.


Get the data for a given row in the list.


// To get a pointer to the A5.ListBox class see {dialog.object}.getControl
// assume lObj is a pointer to an instance of the A5.ListBox class
var d = lObj.getData('ALFKI'); // "d" will equal the data for the row with a value of "ALFKI"

Example: Getting Data from a List Control

The target parameter can be a zero-based row number or a string representing the value returned by the List. For example, if the List is configured to return values from a 'Lastname' column, target could be set to 'Smith' to get data for the record with a 'Lastname' of 'Smith'.

The example below demonstrates getting data from a List Control in a UX Component. The first example uses the value returned by the List control to get the data. The second shows getting the data using the zero-based row number.

var listObj = {dialog.object}.getControl('list1');

//assume that the List was configured to return Lastname values. 
//Get the value of the 'Fistname' column for 'Lastname' of 'Smith'
var fn = listObj.getData('Smith').Firstname;

//get the value of 'Firstname' column from the 3rd row in the list
var fn = listObj.getData(2).Firstname; //target is zero based

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