Component Help Topics


Troubleshooting issues with Components, including issues with controls in components.

Error Style Not Recommended - Warning Message

A UX Component configured to use the 'ContainerWidth' Layout type and using either an 'icon' or 'inline' Error style may issue a warning message when the component is saved.

Error: object.Refresh method not found

On rare occasions, you may get error messages like the following when trying to use data from a connection string to create a Grid:

Map Control Displays Error Message

Alpha Anywhere's map controls and components use the Google Maps API. The Google Maps Javascript API requires an API Key.

{Component.Object}geoCodeCallback: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

An error message: {Component.Object}geoCodeCallback using Google was not successful for the following reason: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

Pre-render at Design-Time Option - Warning Message

When you save a UX component that does not have the Pre-render Component at Design-time option turned on, a warning message now comes up telling you that it is recommended to turn this option on because of the significant speed improvement this options will give at run-time.

Restore component from backup

To restore a component from a backup, select the component in the Web Projects Control Panel, right-click, and select Restore backup. You will see a dialog similar to the following