Error Style Not Recommended - Warning Message

A UX Component configured to use the 'ContainerWidth' Layout type and using either an 'icon' or 'inline' Error style may issue a warning message when the component is saved.

Error: object.Refresh method not found

On rare occasions, you may get error messages like the following when trying to use data from a connection string to create a Grid:

Warning: List - Fill Container Issues

This warning is shown when a UX contains one or more Lists that are inside a container that has no height and the List is configured to fill the container.

Map Control Displays Error Message

Alpha Anywhere's map controls and components use the Google Maps API. The Google Maps Javascript API requires an API Key.

{Component.Object}geoCodeCallback: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

An error message: {Component.Object}geoCodeCallback using Google was not successful for the following reason: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT

Pre-render at Design-Time Option - Warning Message

When you save a UX component that does not have the Pre-render Component at Design-time option turned on, a warning message now comes up telling you that it is recommended to turn this option on because of the significant speed improvement this options will give at run-time.

Restore component from backup

To restore a component from a backup, select the component in the Web Projects Control Panel, right-click, and select Restore backup. You will see a dialog similar to the following

Warning: The component you are running was defined in another Web Project

If the active web project is different from the web project the component you preview was saved in, you will receive a warning.