Startup Log


When Alpha Anywhere starts up, a log can be created used to troubleshoot startup and workspace loading issues. If technical support is required from Alpha Software, the technician may request this file.


The default name for the log file is alpha5.log and located in the AppData folder (AppData\Roaming\Alpha Software\Alpha Anywhere Version 12). If workspace logging is enabled, timing information is appended to the log when a workspace is opened. The log is overwritten every time Alpha Anywhere is launched.

The startup log records how long processes take to execute while Alpha Anywhere is starting or when Alpha Anywhere opens a workspace. For example:

Startup Log for Alpha Anywhere version 8.0 Build 1037 - Thu Jul 27 10:35:55 2006
[406 Ms. since start] Starting Alpha Anywhere [Task - 0 Ms.]
[408 Ms. since start] Setting Process Affinity to Primary Processor [Task - 0 Ms.]
[437 Ms. since start] Loaded Error Messages [Task - 31 Ms.]
[438 Ms. since start] Loaded Themes [Task - 0 Ms.]
[441 Ms. since start] Started Memory Manager [Task - 0 Ms.]
[443 Ms. since start] Processed Command Line Arguments [Task - 0 Ms.]
[446 Ms. since start] Checked Environment [Task - 15 Ms.]
[450 Ms. since start] Loaded Registry Information [Task - 0 Ms.]

Enabling the Startup Log

The startup log can be enabled or disabled in the Alpha Anywhere Developer Edition settings. To enable the startup log:

  1. Open the settings dialog under View > Settings

  2. Locate the startup log settings under System > Technical Support

  3. Enable the startup log. Alpha Anywhere can be configured to log information for the following events: when Alpha Anywhere is launched and/or every time a workspace is opened. Both events can be configured to log Minimal or Full details.

  4. Click OK to save your changes and restart Alpha Anywhere.