How to Submit a Bug Report for a Report, Letter, Layout, or Label


When you report a bug to Alpha Software, a test case is required. For issues with Reports, both the Project Report file and data the report is based on need to be submitted. The Create Bug Report Files... tool makes it easy to create a test case to submit with a bug report about an issue you're experiencing with a Project Report.

Creating a Bug Report Zip File for a Report

The Create Bug Report Files... tool can be used to easily package up the information needed by the Alpha Software team when reporting a bug with a Report. In most cases, the default settings will generate the information needed.

  1. On the Web Projects Control Panel, right-click the Report to open the Context Menu.

  2. Under the DataSource menu, select Create Bug Report Files...

  3. Select a Location to save the .zip file.

    Dialog to create a bug report zip file
  4. If the issue with your report is related to the data, check Include Sample Tables. Otherwise, you can leave this option unchecked.

    Generated sample tables can be very large if the tables your report is based on have a lot of records.

  5. Finally, click Create to generate the .zip file.

After the .zip file is created, send the .zip file along with an explanation of the issue you're experiencing to [email protected].

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