Connecting to SQL Databases


Defining connection strings, and instructions for connecting to specific databases.

Connecting Securely with TLS and SSL

Secure Database Connections

Connecting to a SQL Database

How to define a connection to a SQL database, procedural steps included.

Connecting to Microsoft Excel

Tips on working with Microsoft Excel using AlphaDAO connections

Connecting to Oracle

A guide to using auto-increment in Oracle.

Connecting to PostgreSQL

In order to configure a PostgreSQL connection it is necessary to first do the following.

Connecting to SQL Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere AlphaDAO includes a SQL Anywhere extension driver built on the SQL Anywhere ODBC driver. SQL Anywhere connections in Alpha Anywhere do not require a DNS to be configured, but the SQL Anywhere ODBC driver must be installed.

Connecting to SQL Server Azure

You can build applications in Alpha Anywhere that use Microsoft SQL Azure as your database. This release note describes how to define your AlphaDAO connection string to connect to your Azure database. You must previously have set up an Azure account.

Connecting to SQLite

Alpha Anywhere AlphaDAO includes a SQLite native driver built from the open source SQLite code base. SQLite connections in Alpha Anywhere do not require any configuration. Alpha Anywhere includes all software necessary.

Create a SQL Database

Covers the simple step of building a new SQL Connection String for AlphaDAO

Create SQL Connection String Dialog

The SQL Connection String dialog helps you define the connection string that you need to open a connection with an external database. There are several ways to access the SQL Connection String Dialog if you are not entirely familiar with it.

Creating an Object

How to create a connection object and connect to your back-end database.

Creating Dynamic Connection Strings

A dynamic connection string is a connection string that is resolved at the time the database connection is opened, rather than at the time the connection string is defined.

SQL Server connection string dialog help

When you create a connection string for SQL Server, it's easy to forget how to format the instance names. As a result, there is a dialog help within the Create SQL Connection String Dialog specifically for the SQLServer connection type.