Distinguishes different classes of users

Roles help distinguish different classes of users. Each user, for each account to which they have access, is assigned one or more roles. The Roles List enumerates all of the different roles available for an account. Examples of typical roles are "user" and "AccountAdmin".

The assigned roles are used by TransForm to determine which permissions to use from those specified by a form type's Status/Role Group. These permissions, in turn, help determine for whom and when the form is presented and which operations they may perform on that form.

The roles are also used to control access to the various tabs on TransForm Central.

Roles are assigned to users of an account by the Account Administrator. The TransForm Central Home tab has a "Manage users" section, and within that there is a "Manage user roles" sub-section for actually choosing the roles from the list of all possible roles for an account. Changes to roles take effect the next time a user logs in.

Roles have three values: Role ID, Display, and Description.

The Role ID is the actual value that will be used by the system. It must be made up of only letters, numbers, and "_". It must be unique within the account, and is case-sensitive.

The Display value will be shown in most cases where the user is shown a role name. This may be a more user-friendly short name for the role and may include spaces and other non-alphanumeric characters. It should be short to fit well in the places where it is displayed. It need not be unique within the account if that makes sense in the situation (for example, if there are more than one type of "Supervisor" distinguished by Role ID used on totally different types of forms).

The Description value, if provided, will be shown in some cases when there is a list of roles from which to choose to make it easier for the users to understand the meaning or use of a choice for role.

The Roles list

The Roles are listed on the left side of the screen. Each row has the information for one type of role, showing the Display value in bold, the Role ID in parenthesis, and the optional Description below.

Clicking on a row will open that row for editing. There are textboxes for entering and editing each of the three values. New values in a textbox are applied to the current copy when the Set button is clicked, the Enter key is typed on the keyboard, or the textbox loses focus.

Opened rows also have three buttons: Delete, Move Up, and Move Down. Delete removes the row. The arrow buttons change the order of the rows. The order is used for most displayed lists of roles.

Some of the roles and their Role IDs are required by TransForm and should not be deleted. These are: "user", "AccountAdmin", "FormDesigner", and "ManagementConsole". The last three of these explicitly control access to the TransForm Central tabs and functionality. Any other roles are optional and are used to control Status/Role Group permissions used within the tabs and the Form Filler app.

On the right side of the header above the Roles list is an Add button to add a new row. Clicking it will add the new row after the currently selected row, or after the last row if no row is selected.

System Roles

When your TransForm account is created, it comes with several pre-defined roles. These roles are system roles with special behaviors.


Controls the TransForm account. Users in this role have full access to all features, settings, and data in the TransForm account.


Creates and updates form type definitions. Users in this role have access to the Designer tab in TransForm Central where they can create and modify form types for the account.


Uses Management Console to examine and process forms. Users in this role have access to both the Management Console and Dashboard tabs in TransForm Central where they can review submitted forms for the TransForm account.


Processes forms needing approval. Used with the Forms with approval permissions group. Forms with approval is designed for a workflow where submitted forms are reviewed by one or more individuals before they can be closed. Users in the supervisor role have the ability to close submitted forms.


Person who fills in forms on the mobile device. Users with this role can edit forms using the TransForm filler app.

In addition to the default roles included with your TransForm account, several other System Roles exist that you can add to your TransForm account. These roles can be added to take advantage of additional TransForm features. To add one of the system roles listed below, add a new role and set the Role ID to the Role listed below. For example, to add an "addform" role, you would set the Role ID to "addform". The Display value can be whatever value you desire.


Users with this role always see the Add a Blank Form button in the TransForm filler app, even if the filler tabs have been customized to disable the add form button.


Users with this role can access the Web Filler.


Users with this role have access to the Debug button within the TransForm filler app. This role can be used in lieu of "AccountAdmin" to grant users access to the TPL debugger within TransForm for testing forms while still restricting their access to the rest of the TransForm account.

Role IDs are case-sensitive!